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Kwasi Wiredu's A Companion to African Philosophy PDF

By Kwasi Wiredu

ISBN-10: 0631207511

ISBN-13: 9780631207511

This quantity of newly commissioned essays offers finished assurance of African philosophy, ranging throughout disciplines and during the a long time.

  • Offers a particular old therapy of African philosophy.
  • Covers all of the major branches of philosophy as addressed within the African culture.
  • Includes money owed of pre-colonial African philosophy and modern political thought.

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There is what might be called the individuality principle, something in a person that is supposed to be responsible for the unique impression that he or she communicates to others. And there is also an element that is thought of as the basis of lineage or clan identity. Various subtle issues of a metaphysical character arise in the discussion of these elements of human personality. ) However, from a more strictly traditional standpoint, ethical issues are more important than metaphysical ones in the characterization of human personality.

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A Companion to African Philosophy by Kwasi Wiredu

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