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A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism: Economics, Politics, by Hoppe H.-H. PDF

By Hoppe H.-H.

ISBN-10: 0898382793

ISBN-13: 9780898382792

Hoppe supplies a cautious definition of what he potential through the phrases ''capitalism'' and ''socialism'' after which proceeds to research many editions, together with Russian-style Socialism, Social Democracy, Conservatism, and piecemeal Social Engineering. He additionally explores the availability of so-called ''public goods'' (i.e., nationwide protection, justice, security), and the issues of monopolies in capitalist international locations.

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For reasons to be discussed below, this field, next to the two traditional fields of monetary income and private wealth taxation, has gained more prominence over time under the heading of opportunity equalization. It did not take much to discover that a person's position in life does not depend exclusively on monetary income or the wealth of nonproductively used goods. There are other things that are important in life and which bring additional income, even though it may not be in the form of money or other exchange goods: a nice family, an education, health, good looks, etc.

And in particular, it should help us to understand the central problems that plague Russia and its satellites, as these countries have carried a policy of socialization so far that it can justly be said to be their dominant structural feature. 2 As regards the motivational forces pushing socialization schemes, they are avowedly egalitarian. Once you allow private property in the means of production, you allow differences. If I own resource A, then you do not own it, and our relationship to this resource is thus different.

And since a few people from East Germany still go to West Germany at an age SOCIALISM RUSSIAN STYLE 37 where they are still members of the labor force, some as escapees but more frequently because a sort of ransom has been paid for them, sufficient material also exists to illustrate the conclusion that in the long run a socialized economy will reduce people's productive capacities. Among those going to the West there is a significant number who led quite normal productive lives in the East but who, despite the absence of any linguistic and cultural barriers, prove to be incapable of, or have the greatest difficulties, adapting to Western society with its increased demand for productive and competitive skills and spirits.

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