After The Storm. Iraqi Wrecks And Fortifications by Eric Micheletti PDF

By Eric Micheletti

ISBN-10: 9623610246

ISBN-13: 9789623610247

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Strengthening of the airframe was incorporated to accept the stresses of highspeed, low-level sorties, while additional equipment for the operational role included an angle-of-release selector, a LABS timer and 'g' meter. 6s, suitably modified for L BS operations, went to Castel Benito/Idris in Libya, early in 1959, to act as a trials unit. 5kg) practice bombs were used during the operations. 9 Squadron at Coningsby to become the only LABS-equipped unit in the UK. cessful. Close monitoring of airframe fatigue during these operations had been directed by Bomber Command, but no serious problems were encountered.

Whether the Canberra ered more than 1,000 miles (l,600km). 5 Squadron. A these episodes. Coupled with these known Fit Lt Gingell of that squadron RBA5C flights, rumours have SA in flew WH726 to the referred to Canberras taking March 1954, for a series of joint part in an Operation Robin. 2'. The Kapustin Yar area of the USSR, trials occupied six weeks, after and ATO was extremely anxwhich the aircraft returned to the UK and is confirmed as ious to find out just what type of being on Wyton's strength on 10 missiles were involved.

Harjah wa by no means ideal for the interdictors, a the surface wa oon cut up badly by the aircraft taking off with a full war-load, and gening airborne from the runed surface became quite a problem. Fortunately, tension in the area lessened and th 2ndTAF aircraft returned to ermany at the end of the monrh, with some relief. 16 Two new Canberra varianrs came into the Middle East area in 196[/62. 15 tandard. This involved the trials installation of integral wing tanks, together with additional undenving hard points, to take bombs and Microcell rocket pods.

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After The Storm. Iraqi Wrecks And Fortifications by Eric Micheletti

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