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Francois Laruelle's Anti-Badiou: The Introduction of Maoism into Philosophy PDF

By Francois Laruelle

ISBN-10: 1441195742

ISBN-13: 9781441195746

This compelling and hugely unique ebook represents a disagreement among of the main radical thinkers at paintings in France at the present time: Alain Badiou and the writer, François Laruelle.

At face price, the 2 have a lot in universal: either espouse a place of absolute immanence; either argue that philosophy is conditioned by way of technological know-how; and either command a pluralism of notion. Anti-Badiou relates the parallel tales of Badiou's Maoist 'ontology of the void' and Laruelle's personal performative perform of 'non-philosophy' and explains why the 2 are actually greatly assorted. Badiou's complete undertaking goals to re-educate philosophy via one technological know-how: arithmetic. Laruelle rigorously examines Badiou's Being and Event and exhibits how Badiou has created a brand new aristocracy that crowns his personal philosophy because the grasp of a whole theoretical universe. In flip, Laruelle explains the distinction together with his personal non-philosophy as a real democracy of notion that breaks philosophy's continuous enthrall with arithmetic and as a substitute opens up a myriad of 'non-standard' locations the place pondering are available and practised.

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The adversary must be taken seriously, treated as exceptional. One does not write this type of work against any old inconsistent pop-philosopher, or against an essayist of very little philosophy one wasted an ho ur reading. The adversary must, in his pers on and in his consistent works, deserve one's addressing him with a certain type of "ultimatum:' We should not believe, above aIl, that the character Badiou is the true object of the critique, nor even that we contest "his" philosophy-an absurd project when we know that a philosopher belongs only to himself and to his tradition.

Chapters 4 and 5 represent the "hard" theoretical kernel of this essay. They get down to the principles and the matrices from which av and NP spring, and try to clarify the problem of subtraction. Chapter 6 describes the relation between philosophy and mathematics, each in the mirror of the other, and the effects of sterility and authority that emanate from this specularity. Chapter 7 examines or recalls the quantum and ontological kernel of NP on the basis of the problem of materiality. Finally, Chapter 8 draws out sorne consequences concerning "philo-fiction" as the only possible "documentation" of the Stranger, and concerning the generic ethics of philosophy.

3 OV and NP both refer to the composition of the Being of a certain multiple: either the Multiple-of-multiples as set -theoretical inhabitant of the void, or the microscopic Particulate as noematic correlate of the undulatory lived. A brie! synoptic parallel 9 But whereas the Multiple and the void are primary, the Particulate is secondary and is posited in-One, or under condition of the One-in-One. OV proposes a concept of the Multiple of multiples that is numerical and th en quantitative. Its empirical origin is the set, but the empty set, which "represses" or "prohibits" the set -form and thus conserves it, probably "truncated" or barred, in the immanence of the pure Multiple.

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Anti-Badiou: The Introduction of Maoism into Philosophy by Francois Laruelle

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